CAMP Geko Hot Gloves; More LOVE!

A (Long) Day in the CAMP Geko Hot Gloves

Photo: Adam F - Geared up with the CAMP Geko Hot Gloves.

Photo: Adam F – Geared up with the CAMP Geko Hot Gloves.

Happy New Year all-

I hope you are all getting some adventures in or at least have plans to in the new year. I want to take a few minutes and fill you in about my latest adventure with the CAMP Geko Hot Gloves. They were my glove of choice on a recent First Ascent. Check ‘em out:
PastedGraphic-2Geko Hot frontGeko Hot back
From CAMP’s website:
  • The perfect combination of performance, warmth and dexterity
  • Soft and supple etched goatskin leather palms are grippy and durable
  • 5 oz Primaloft® main body with thin 4 oz Primaloft® on the palm
  • Durastretch® fabrics allows for a precise and tight fit without restricting dexterity
  • $119.95 USD
Here’s a little more history behind my gloves: I’ve had these gloves for one year already so I have thoroughly done some work in these bad boys. I used them ice climbing all last season and a full season skiing with them. Now, on to season two with them still going strong.
My highlight with these so far this season has been on a First Ascent (Belly of the Beast, IV 750’ WI5+ M6/7 X C1 Steep Snow) of a new mixed route near the classic Ames Ice Hose in Telluride, CO. My climbing partner and I tried the line two times in December of 2014 but retreated at the start of the third pitch.
Finally, our third attempt on January 8th was successful. We pushed our abilities to the max and raced past our comfort zones. I was glad to have the Geko Hot as part of my arsenal.
Nik looking up at the start of the third pitch that thwarted us for two attempts. There’s no protection until the big chockstone.
Nik looking up at the start of the third pitch that thwarted us for two attempts. There’s no protection until the big chockstone.
The gloves are snug to get your hand into, but once you’re in, the fit is great. I absolutely loved having the keeper straps during the early M6+ mixed sections of the route. When the terrain got real technical, I could whip the gloves off and let them dangle from my wrist for a short section of hard rock climbing. Otherwise, the gloves are thin and dexterous enough to climb easy rock with.
Nik climbing up to one of the many chockstone bulges we encountered on route.
Nik climbing up to one of the many chockstone bulges we encountered on route.
Higher up on the route, we encountered some steep snow and I was plunging my tools and hands into the snow for some form of grip. Again, the sung fit kept snow out and my hands remained warm and dry throughout the day.
Nik on one of the easier steep snow sections of the route.
We continued upwards through a thin WI5+ ice off-width flare and steep snow and rock to finally reach some solid ice. At this point the sun was setting and we were still two pitches from the top (which really means you’re only halfway there). My gloves were starting to get wet, as any would by this point in the day (night?). At least my hands were still warm. We continued up.
We finished a WI4 pitch in the dark and made our way up M4 and deep easy snow to the top. Another cool feature about the Geko series are the padded knuckle guards on the fingers. They help protect your hands when you, you know…punch the ice with your fisted grip on the tool – something that happens from time to time.
We slogged our way back down to the car for a nice 16 hour day in the Geko Hot gloves and our goal completed.
Bottom line: I really like these gloves and don’t have a bad thing to say about them. Try them if you haven’t.
Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.29.45 PM
Photo: Nik M – Looking down the M5+ X rock and snow.
Also be sure to check out the Geko Light Gloves if you’re looking for even more of a performance fit or for climbing in warmer temperatures.
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