Mexico volcano climbing expedition w/ SJC dispatch 2

Buenos tardes from Mexico City!  Cudos to the group for all arriving on time a prepared at the Albuequeqre airport early this morning.  After two uneventfull fllights, we arrived with out any issues!  Other than some of our food being taken at customs, everything went like clockwork.  We are now relaxing, hydrating, and aclimitizing at our hotel before going out to dinner.  Mexico City is a great start to our acclimatization schedule given it´s almost at 9000 ft!

Tomorrow, Sunday morning , we will head out to the towns of Amecameca and La Joya.  This is a short drive and should take only a few hours.  After getting gas for our stoves and refilling our water, we’ll head to the Altzomoni hut (3900m).  This  first night sleeping at over 10,000 ft is a great step in acclimatization! 

We’ll update again tomorrow!  Buenos noches family and friends!


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