Mountain Hardwear Uniform Sponsorship

When we go out to hike, or ski, or climb we often have to wear technical clothing.  Clothing made of denier nylon, thread counts, waterproof this, and seam sealed that.  Technical clothing helps us perform better while doing the activities we love in the mountains.

Many guide services and outfitter have clothing sponsors or uniforms that their guides are required to wear while working.  The premises being that when clients come skiing or climbing they see what the guides are wearing and end up wanting to purchase the said item.  A typical conversation might go as follows:

Client- “That’s an awesome looking jacket!  Do you like it?”

Guide- “I love it.”

Client- “Where can I buy one?!?”

You get the idea.  With a little digging by the lient they can find out that the guide or even company receives the uniforms for free and they “love it” because it cost them nothing…..The reason the “said” company changes sponsors every few years is typically due to jumping ship with company A to get a better deal with company B.  Even if just the season before that had talked about company “A” being the “best company out there!” This can say a lot about the integrity of that company.  If they can not commit to a uniform brand, how can you expect them to stay loyal to you as your guide service and have your best interests in mind.

That’s just not how Kling Mountain Guides works.  Beginning this winter Kling Mountain Guides is proud to have chosen Mountain Hardwear as our official uniform sponsor. Mountain Hardwear clothing and equipment has been at the forefront of the technical innovations in the outdoor industry since 1993. Hardwear was founded by a group of passionate people who believed anything is possible and that anything worth doing in life required challenge.  KMG guides have been using Mountain Hardwear equipment around the globe since 1997.  We are extremely excited to now be utilizing Mountain Hardwear in an official capacity for our uniforms.

This years KMG uniforms include the following items:

Kepler Jacket

AMGA Certified Rock Guide Ben in his Mountain Hardwear Kepler jacket.

Hooded Compressor Jacket

AMGA Certified Rock Guide Ben in his Mountain Hardwear Hooded Compressor jacket.

Butterman Hoody

Microstretch Zip T

Zonal Jacket

Spinoza Jacket

Microchill Zip T


Each week or so we will feature a new article filling you in on the one of the uniform items.  In a commitment to Kling Mountain Guides’ clients as well as Mountain Hardwear, Backcountry Experience in Durango will have our entire uniform line in stock for sale.

This week our feature item is the Butterman Hoody.  This hoody rocks! Harwear calls this their “cold weather training hoody.”  I couldn’t agree more.  This has become my go-to layer for multiple recent guided desert tower trips.  The fabric feels, well, like butta!  It is soft and light enough to wear as a base layer, but heavy enough to wear over a silk weight long underwear top.  On a recent trip guided trip up Ancient Art this was the layer I put on in the parking lot, had on the entire hike in, and then climbed in.  The only adjustment needed was rolling up the sleeves a little and un zipping the front zipper.  The flat-lock seams eliminated chafing throughout the climb while the chin guard and flap to protect the front zipper when zipped without being overly bulky.  The hood fit perfectly under my helmet without feeling bunchy or bulky either.  My favorite feature though is the small ninja pocket on the front left chest.  This pocket is almost invisible, and extremely low profile, but holds a chap stick perfectly!  Overall a solid A.  Tune in next week for an other review.

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